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Golf Tips for Your Networking Games

Golf NetworkingOften part of building our golf business is getting out on the course and playing with potential business partners, suppliers etc. Here’s some tips to help your golf game and networking on the golf course.

Golf is an enjoyable game, which everyone should participate. It is good to build passion over the game so that you get the real taste. You can achieve these by visiting golf clubs and watching professional play. This will build your appetite for the game. Make sure you follow all golf tournaments to learn some tricks. These approaches in mind will help you during training. There are some basic game rules, which a player should know. The reason why you have to build passion for the game is to equip yourself with basic knowledge so that you do not look new to the sport.

Be energetic when chipping

The focus during training is to have sharp knowledge about targeting the hole. Many golfers do not practice short games. It is the most important skill in giving you scores. You will realize that, starting badly may end up ruining the entire game. Make sure that you can move the ball up and down easily. This will save your shots per game. This is the best drill for beginners and average players.

Create a Simple Golf Swing

A simple repeatable golf swing is required if you want to play well consistently. The simple golf swing system helps in accumulating more power and it assists with your accuracy as well. The shoulders and the arms form something like a triangle. Make sure you maintain the same posture until the end of the session. It is important is mastering the swing position.

Putting practice

Putting PracticeTo become a pro, you have to practice hard. These include practicing short putts and engaging in hitting the target. The circle putting drills are the fundamental skills, which a golfer should understand in order to increase accuracy. These practices are short distance tailored, few feet from the hole.


It is a tool, which installs fundamental skills, which aim at improving quality of a stroke. They include different techniques, which help in putting the ball at different perspectives. The learner focuses on a certain drill and how to use a certain technique efficiently.

They usually entail the use of pressure, if someone misses; it is obvious that he/she has to start again. Circle putting helps to build the consistency and momentum. Apart from this, it is the basic tool for increasing personal confidence. This happens if a person makes consecutive successful putts. Examples of putting drills include:
• Around the world putting drill
• Four-points putting drill
• Phil Mickelson’s circle putting drill

Lastly, understanding-putting drill depends on personal attitude. This is a personal initiative and therefore, the success of the story will depends on how you view the lessons. It is possible to achieve your dreams. Remember, professionals are amateurs who never quit. Take the initiative and drive your success.

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Golf Accommodation Tips

Traveling both locally and internationally to play golf on a shoestring budget usually means that you are required to save on several potentially costly arrangements like your accommodation. Utilizing a budget accommodation is definitely one of the ways of saving big on travel costs. It’s advisable however that you check some reviews and the cleanliness of the accommodation. All hotel / motels are required to do regular carpet cleaning and pest control management to ensure clean healthy environments, however some cheaper places my cut corners in this regard which you’ll want to avoid.

Golf Accommodation

Cheap accommodation is often ubiquitous all over the world; you can even you get them in huge cities’ downtown locations alongside brand names posh hotels. Hence you might not be required to compromise on accessibility to convention facilities and hotspots that are nearby. Apart from offering a comfortable nights’ rest, this type of accommodation also offers some basic facilities that will ensure a pleasant stay.

There are several different types of cheap accommodation tailored specifically to suit different preferences and markets. Some of them include the following:


Hostels have been making huge strides over the years, enhancing their services as well as their facilities so as to offer their guests, usually students and backpackers, with one of the best quality accommodation. Shared amenities and dormitories are still the norm, though private rooms are being offered increasingly also.

Apart from their special ambiance and affordability, hostels also offer many opportunities for visitors from various parts of the globe to share their adventures and interact. Also, these hostels’ location caters to backpackers and you can find them in more secluded locations. At some hostels, some of their amenities might even surprise you. You can enjoy Internet connectivity, laundry facilities and on-site dining, amenities that are usually found in large expensive hotels.

Bed and Breakfasts

If you would like to enjoy additional privacy at extremely affordable rates, bed and breakfasts, which provide private bathrooms and bedrooms, are one cheap accommodation type that you should consider.

Since these lodgings are normally operated by the owners themselves, you can get personal touches that have been designed so as to make you comfortable like your own home, during your vacation, from the rooms’ coziness to the homely décor as well as a more personalized service brand.

Also, in your room rate, delicious breakfasts are included, just as the name suggests. Furthermore, the room rates are usually all-inclusive and include some additional such as local telephone calls and parking, hence ensuring that your stay is truly the value of your money.

Budget 3-star hotels / motels

If you would like a more typical accommodation stay with some additional amenities, you might consider staying at a budget 3-star hotel or motel. With a more formalized service style, these hotels provide a value for money experience with their vast amenities. For example, you can get tea and coffee-making machines, mini bars and a colored television in your room which consists of its own bathroom and also room service. A Charleville Motel like this I recently stayed in was the Warrego Motel.

Venture out of your own room and be met be a wide range of amenities such as restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and swimming pools. The good thing is that you can get budget hotels everywhere, including the most accessible areas nearby famous business facilities and tourist sites.



Protecting Valuables for Golf Businesses

If you’re concerned about protecting your personal and business valuables, you should consider investing in a home or office safe. It’s both an accessible and affordable alternative to a bank deposit box. Unlike a bank, a home safe provides you with 24/7, quick and easy access to your valuables.

Over time, things that are valuable to you and your business can amount to quite a lot, both monetarily and in sentiment. Some things are very difficult and/or costly to replace, while others are simply irreplaceable. Some are even dangerous if they fall into careless hands.

Common items that people typically keep in a safe:


  • Passports
  • Birth and Death Certificates
  • Tax Records
  • Business cash / takings
  • Business logins and passwords
  • Emergency Cash
  • Estate Planning Documents
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Saving Bonds and Stock Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Medical Records
  • Historic Documents
  • Jewelry, valuable coins, antiques, artifacts or collectables
  • Fire Arms
  • Valuable business items

Choose a safe based on what you are most concerned about in terms of protection.

The three common purposes for owning a home safe are for protection against:

  • Fire and Water Damage
  • Theft
  • Fire Arms

Safes come in different sizes and models. They are tested and rated for their design, the type of protection they offer, and their level of resistance. For instance, safes used to protect against fire are rated based on their maximum internal temperature and the materials used in their construction. Safes designed to protect against “safe-crackers” are built to withstand tools like lock picks, torches or even explosives.

A safe’s resiliency is tested under a variety of conditions.

Fire is the most common reason for purchasing a home safe. Fire resistance testing factors in the materials of the safe and the peak internal temperature during prolonged exposure. A safe should be able to withstand at least 30 minutes against fire, although more expensive models can last an hour or longer. Also consider the materials of the contents stored in it. Paper, film and digital disks all have different levels of heat tolerance.


When “burglar-proof” testing, safes are rated based on their endurance against tools, torches and explosives. Burglar-proof safes come in different classes based on their resistance to the effects of drilling, picking or other high pressure variants. Weight is also a factor. A heavier safe can be bolted down, and is less likely to be picked up and carried away.


Gun Safety is a very common reason for owning a safe. Responsible gun owners take extra care with storing fire arms for a number of reasons, but primarily to keep guns out of the wrong hands. A gun in the hands of someone without the right experience can cause irreparable damage. Keeping fire arms locked securely in a safe is the best place to keep them in the house.

Secure Key Safes are also a popular choice for business that hold a large number of keys. These safes are specifically designed to organise and hold keys securely.

If you’re considering purchasing a home safe, take your time to research different models and what they can offer. Make sure you make an educated purchase when it come to protecting your valuables.



SEO for Golf Websites

Search Engine Optimization basically means improving the appearance and rank of your website in search engines like Google and Bing. The appearance may mean creation of huge traffic or views to your website. Employ a strategy that can make a possibility of your site appearing during the search, depending on the user’s search. To increase visitors visiting your site, SEO targets to include image search, video search, books and other academic articles on various subjects.

SEO Brisbane closely monitors how search engines like Google operate, what visitors search on the engines frequently, the key words that are typed into the search engines and the content’s target audience. SEO can be improved by ensuring quality and edited content on the website. This will trigger the visitor use your website more often due to the quality content.


To increase prominence of your golf website on search engines, consider cross linking. Cross linking refers to adding more useful links to your website hence providing more information or results.

Create or write content that includes the most searched keywords or phrases; this will eventually attract more traffic to your website. Consider adding more new information that is up to date. The content on the website should make use of important keywords to improve the possibilities of appearing during a search. The relevancy of the search on search engines depends on the keywords that you have used in the website. Take note, using ridiculous amounts of keywords may be regarded as spammer and this is because search engines are programmed to reject large usage of keywords.

Frequently, refresh content on your website, put in new information and update where necessary. Use a blog to update your content and also linking to other sources but giving the content a personal voice. This will increase traffic to your site.

Keep track on the ranking of your website. Possibly, do it through tools like Google toolbar or Alexa. Keenly check your referrer log frequently to monitor where visitors to your site come from and the terms they use to get your website. This will give key information on where and how to improve results on your webpage and on search engines.

Build a golf website that can improve the visitor’s confidence by having a good web design. The visitor may be doing an assignment which needs reference and citation; your website should give accurate information. Enjoin useful information for example from books and other journals.

SEO should be in your mind, settle for the best. Consider using vital skills and practices to highly rank your website and create huge traffic. Make no mistakes when laying foundation of your site, follow procedures to avoid missing great opportunities. SEO should be an investment that ought to be taken seriously. If your website can attract a good traffic per day, be sure of good revenue returns.

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